1. All registration information must be submitted before teams are allowed to play. This includes:

a. Tournament application

b. Tournament roster

c. Official league roster

d. Liability and Medical release form

e. Player & Coaches Passes


2. Age groups are based on calendar year registration (see below). Players can play at most 2 ages down from their registered age group, i.e. U12's and U13's can play on U14's, U11's can not.


U08 - 2012 U11 - 2009 U14 - 2006 U09 - 2011 U12 - 2008 U15 - 2005 U10 - 2010 U13 - 2007 U15 - 2003


3. A maximum of three (3) guest players are allowed per team.

a. All competitive guest players must have a player pass from a USSF registered league or show proof of age.

b. Premier or Select players can play as guest players only if EITHER: i. the team they are playing for is playing in the top division in their age group in the tournament. ii. they are rostered on the team registering (dual carded).

c. Guest players must be registered with the same USSF affiliate as the team they are playing on.

d. Recreational players or non-carded players playing as guest players on competitive teams must show proof of age at registration. A recreational team is any team that does not play in an organized competitive league.

e. Carded Premier or Select players are not allowed to play on any recreational team or any team formed for the tournament unless they are playing in the top division in their age group.

f. Teams with any players who do not meet these requirements will be disqualified


4. Maximum roster sizes including guest players are:

a. U8, U9, U10 – 14

b. U11, U12 – 16

c. U13, U14, U15 – 18

d. If the league a team is playing in allows rosters larger than the maximums listed above the league maximums will be accepted.


5. Players are allowed to play and be rostered on more than one team but NOT more than one team playing in the same age group and gender. For example, players can play on a U10 and U11 boy’s team or U10 boys and U10 girl’s team, but not on two U10 boys’ teams. If a coach/player breaks this rule both teams will be disqualified. Scores for the games both teams played will be recorded as 2-0 forfeits.


6. Upon registering, coaches/managers will be given wristbands for the players to wear for the entire tournament. Players must have wristbands to be eligible to play in any game. Before the teams first game, the players must be checked in with wristbands and player passes at the registration tent at each field location.


7. In the event of a wristband is lost, replacement wristbands will be available at each field location. Player must be present and have a player pass to receive replacement wristband.


1. FIFA rules will be in effect for the Tournament, except as noted:

a. Goalies may not be fair charged within the goal area.

b. U8, U9 and U10 teams will play 7 v 7 players on the field (6+goalie) with a size 4 ball.

i. No offsides for U08

ii. U09 does have offsides. All other FIFA rules apply

c. U11 and U12 teams will play 9 v 9 players on the field (8+goalie) with a size 4 ball.

d. U13, U14, and U15 teams will play 11 v 11 with a size 5 ball.

2. No heading is allowed for U08, U09, U10, or U11 age groups. Deliberate heading results in an indirect free kick at the point of the header. If in the penalty box the indirect will be awarded right outside the box.


3. Substitutions may be made with the referees permission:

a. Prior to a goal kick by either team.

b. Prior to a throw-in in your favor.

c. Prior to a throw-in for the opponent team IF the opponent team is substituting

d. After a goal by either team.

e. At half time.

f. After an injury by either team, when the referee stops play.

4. Tournament games will consist of two 25 minute halves. Playoff games for U08's, U-9's, and U10's will remain two 25 minute halves. Playoff games for U11’s and U12’s will be two 30 minute halves, and for U13’s, U14’s, and U15’s, two 35 minute halves.


5. Teams failing to field the minimum number of players listed below will forfeit the game.

a. U8, U9, and U10 – 5 minimum

b. U11 and U12 – 7 minimum

c. U13, U14, and U15 – 8 minimum


6. Coaches must present player passes before each game at the registration tent at each field location. Passes will be held until the game is complete.


7. In the event a team and/or players are present at a game without wristbands, the game can be played under temporary approval. The Field Marshall must be notified and immediately following the game the players without wristbands must have their player passes checked to validate the game results. Failure to show proof of eligibility will result in a forfeit of the game.


8. Any game, forfeited for any reason, is recorded as a 2-0 score




1. For all divisions, division standings leading up to playoffs will be determined by points:

a. Three (3) points will be awarded for a win,

b. One (1) point for a tie

c. Zero (0) points for a loss.


2. Ties for division standings will be broken by:

a. Result of game played between two tied teams. If three teams are tied this does not apply

b. Most games won.

c. Total net score for tournament games played. Net score equals team goals made minus goal scored against your team. A maximum of four (4) net goals per game will be counted.

d. Least number of goals allowed.

e. FIFA penalty kicks. Teams will assemble at a field chosen by the tournament director for the shoot-out.

3. In the event of a tied playoff game, the winner will be determined by:

a. Two sudden death five (5) minute overtime periods. This is a Golden Goal overtime, first score wins. Field side and starting team is selected by a coin flip before the overtime period. Winner of coin flip selects side of field, loser of coin flip chooses to start or not. Side of field changes at half.

b. FIFA penalty kicks. Only players on the field at the end of the overtime period will be eligible to participate.


4. Due to the need to maintain the game schedule, if a game should experience a prolonged interruption (i.e. lightning), the game may not be played to completion. If this occurs, the tournament director will make a judgment according to the following rules:

a. Games interrupted after completion of the first half will be called complete and the score at the time of the interruption recorded.

b. If the first half cannot be completed, the game will be called a scoreless tie and each team will be awarded one point.

c. The referee’s judgment will determine stoppage of the game.


5. Any delays caused by weather may result in games being shortened or slightly rescheduled to maintain the tournament schedule. Game times will not be moved up unless both teams affected are notified and can meet the new schedule. Game times moved back by 45 minutes or less do not require notification of the teams; games moved back by more than 45 minutes will require teams to be notified.


6. Field changes for games will only be made with proper notification of affected teams.




1. All teams, players, coaches, and spectators shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. The following rules and regulations apply to all:

a. Players receiving 2 yellow cards in one game or a red card will not be permitted to play for the rest of the game where the card was received and the next game. All yellow and red cards are recorded and reported to OYSA-N.

b. Red cards (and 2 yellow cards leading to a red card) for players and coaches playing on more than one team only affect the player/coach participation for the team where the card was received. For example, if a player is playing on a U10 and U11 team and receives a red card while playing for the U10 team his play for the U11 team is not affected.

c. Abusive behavior by players, coaches, or parents will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave the field for the day. They can return the following day if there are more games. Any abuse of referees will be reported to OYSA-N.

d. Spectators for all games are to remain on the sidelines behind the yellow spectator lines. No one is allowed to stand or watch the game from behind the goals.


2. Referees will be recording exceptional team sportsmanship during all games. A sportsmanship award will be given to the team receiving the most positive comments from the referees.




1. Cancellation and refund policy:

a. If brackets or parts of the tournament are cancelled in advance of the tournament for any reason, the complete registration fee will be refunded.

b. If games are cancelled at the tournament for any reason other than weather related a portion of the registration fee will be refunded equal to the percent of games cancelled.

c. If games are cancelled due to inclement weather during the tournament, no refunds will be given.

d. If the entire tournament is cancelled in advance of the tournament due to inclement weather registration fees will be refunded after unrecovered tournament expenses are accounted for.

2. No protests will be allowed for game results or game play determined by the referee. All decisions of the referee are final and binding.


3. Protests about any aspect of the tournament other than game results are to be reported to the Head Field Marshall. The Head Field Marshall has complete jurisdiction to resolve the protest in the best interest of the Tournament and Madison Soccer League.


4. No alcoholic beverages or dogs are permitted at any field site. All vehicles are restricted to designated parking areas. Children must be supervised at all times.


5. Violation of any rules of the tournament listed here may be cause for removal of the offending group/team/individual from the tournament.


6. Teams that are disqualified from play in the championship game due to any violation of the rules may be permitted to continue to play preliminary games but all game scores will be reported as 2-0 forfeits. Notification of the opponents of the disqualified team is at the discretion of the tournament. Teams advancing to the championship match due to a disqualification will be notified with ample time to prepare for the championship game.